What Should I Eat Part 2
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What Should I Eat Part 2

Join Elliott Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine of Hudson and Deb Phillips, Nutritionist, of Great Barrington for parts two and three of our series on nutrition called What Should I Eat?

Don’t worry if you missed the first class where we covered individual constitution from both Eastern and Western perspectives — you can join us for one or both of the next two classes:

Class 2 — Learn what herbs, supplements and dietary approaches might be appropriate for particular signs and symptoms.

Class 3 — Find out how dietary approaches differ according to geography when we look at things like blue zones (where people live longer) and disease clusters as well as cover topics like cleaning up the food supply.

It’s our intention in this series to help people examine, through a variety of lenses, what foods, herbs and supplements might promote optimum health for them. One thing we both agree on is that the answer is different for everyone!

•Wednesday evenings from 6:00 to 8:00 March 15th and April 12th. •River Pilates 876 Columbia Street, Hudson, NY
•$30 per class or $50 for both
•$50 for “bring a friend” (admits two)


To register: whattoeat.eventbrite.com 

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